Add a WhatsApp chat widget to Carrd

There is no native Carrd widget for WhatsApp chat, so here’s one you can add easily to your sites.

Add a WhatsApp chat widget to Carrd
Have you ever wanted to add a WhatsApp chat call-to-action on your site? There is no Carrd widget for this, but luckily there are others you can add.
We recommend the WhatsApp widget from Elfsight, which you can add for free (with their branding) or pay a little for a more advanced option.
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Why would this feature be useful?

Easier to contact you – Your website visitors can get in touch with you and ask questions, instead of leaving if they can’t find answers.
Better onboarding – It could also be useful if prospects want to talk to someone before starting a signup process.
Improve customer service – If you run an app or a service business, customers may want a quick way toresolve issues. Responding faster will increase customer satisfaction.
The widget is easy to set up:
  • Add the code it gives you to an Embed element in Carrd, set to Hidden.
Here’s an overview video of the WhatsApp widget from Elfsight:
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