How to do basic technical SEO in Carrd

Our guide to Carrd SEO will help you implement basic technical SEO practices in Carrd, so you can improve your website’s visibility in search engine rankings.

Display a testimonials gallery in Carrd

If you want to create a visually consistent gallery of quotes, here are three ways of doing this in Carrd.

Save your work as a draft in Carrd

Do you ever want to “save as draft” in Carrd? It would be so useful to save work-in-progress for later, and not have to publish every time.

How to create a mobile responsive nav menu in Carrd

This is a technique to create a mobile responsive navigation menu using only Carrd features. No custom code required.

How to add pricing tables to Carrd

There is no easy way to add pricing tables with the Carrd native tools, so here are three ways we know of where you can achieve one.

Set Carrd links to open in a new browser tab

People often ask how to get a link in Carrd to open in a new and separate browser tab. It’s actually quite easy.

Control the visibility of Carrd elements

Ever wanted to show/hide elements in Carrd? Here’s a simple way to do it.

Add a WhatsApp chat widget to Carrd

There is no native Carrd widget for WhatsApp chat, so here’s one you can add easily to your sites.

Fixing MailerLite embeded form layout issues

If you have a MailerLite embeded form on your Carrd site with alignment issues, this is a fix.

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