Add scroll easing to Carrd

Did you know you can easily improve the way your page scrolls, if you use Scroll Point links?

If you have a long Carrd page with scroll points you link to, you may find the jumps a little jarring. But did you know you can easily improve the way the page scrolls?
With just a small code snippet you can create a smooth scrolling effect.
Follow these simple steps in your Carrd site:
  • Add an Embed element (we find it best to add these to the bottom of the page, out of the way)
  • Set the Type to Code, and the Style to Hidden and Head
  • Then add the following code into it:
html { scroll-behavior: smooth; }
  • Then save and publish as usual.
If you test your page now you should find the scroll a lot smoother.
Find out more about this technique here if you need.