Add scroll easing to Carrd

Did you know you can easily improve the way your page scrolls, if you use Scroll Point links?

Add scroll easing to Carrd
If you have a long Carrd page with scroll points you link to, you may find the jumps a little jarring. But did you know you can easily improve the way the page scrolls?
With just a small code snippet you can create a smooth scrolling effect.
Follow these simple steps in your Carrd site:
  • Add an Embed element (we find it best to add these to the bottom of the page, out of the way)
  • Set the Type to Code, and the Style to Hidden and Head
  • Then add the following code into it:
html { scroll-behavior: smooth; }
  • Then save and publish as usual.
If you test your page now you should find the scroll a lot smoother.
Find out more about this technique here if you need.

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