A Carrd tutorial to shortcut the learning curve

Go from zero to one as a Carrd builder in easy steps with this free short guide.

A Carrd tutorial to shortcut the learning curve
I've spent countless hours using Carrd, never using templates and working out how to build sites from scratch. You can do this, too, if you know some basics.
I’ve written a free mini guide, which works as a beginners quick start Carrd tutorial.
I created it because I really believe in Carrd as a perfect place for makers to start an online presence for their side projects.

Shortcut the learning curve and start building with confidence

In it I share my own process and main steps to get a site started, which can save you time and frustration.
It guides you through how to set up a site, create basic elements, add detail to your site, and finally publish your site.
So if you're a beginner and not sure where to start in Carrd, this mini guide tutorial will give you the initial steps to confidently start building a site from scratch – without using a template!

What’s in the guide?

There are 7 main steps in the guide, plus some background and bonus information too.
  • Introduction
  • First, why Carrd?
  • 1. How Carrd works
  • 2. Plan your site or page
  • 3. Create a new Carrd site
  • 4. The first building steps
  • 5. Adding detail to your site
  • 6. Optimise for mobile
  • 7. Publishing your site
  • Bonus tips
  • Further help
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You can get a free copy of the tutorial on Gumroad.
You can get a free copy of the tutorial on Gumroad.

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