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Why Carrd is good for indie makers

You may already know plenty about Carrd, but why and where is it a great tool to use in your projects? So here's a quick outline of what Carrd is and why we think it's good for makers, and a summary of it's good and bad points.

Carrd is a simple website builder tool. It's designed for building one-page websites, although it can do multi-page sites too (more on that in our Carrd Quick Start Guide).The beauty of Carrd in our opinion, is that it's not aimed at any particular use case. It's not so too complicated, or too basic. It has enough flexibility in it to make great sites without a big learning curve. That means you can quickly build almost any kind of simple website, easily – a personal profile, a newsletter signup, a product landing page, and so on.It's also very cost effective to use. We don't know of another web platform where you can launch sites on custom domains for so little.The free plan gives you 3 sites (without custom domains) and the lowest Pro plan gives you 10 sites (on custom domains) for only $19/yr. That's just $1.90 to run a site, per year.

Carrd's good & bad points

  • Low running cost for each website, vs other platforms

  • Super fast building – from idea to launch, in minutes

  • Easy to add highly visual elements - SVG images, large videos or gifs

  • No CMS or API (can't do much with data or external sources)

  • No blog as part of the native platform

  • Ability to customise design is good, but not extensive

Note: This is an excerpt from our Carrd Quick Start Guide

Carrd inspiration

Deck of Carrd

The #1 Carrd inspiration gallery

Dealer of Carrd

Site ideas you can build with Carrd

One Page Love


Carrd templates

Pre-designed, ready-to-use Carrd templates

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Recommended collections





One Page Love






Our free collection

Blocks Light

Coming Soon page for launches*.

Blocks Dark

Coming Soon page for launches*.


Landing page for indie SaaS startups.

Idea Page

Landing page to validate an idea.

*Signup form is ready to integrate with newsletter platforms such as Beehive, Convertkit, MailChimp, MailerLite and others. Button has Confetti plugin installed.

Carrd reference list

Useful links with information on Carrd

Carrd components

Pre-designed components for Carrd

Components UI – Complete

Components UI – Premium

Components UI – Essentials

Widgets & plugins for Carrd

Add extra functions to your Carrd site


Drop In Blog

Drop In Blog

Display a full-featured blog on a Carrd page


Add ecommerce to your Carrd, to sell products

Responsive mega navbar

Build a 3-level navbar menu, with hamburger on mobile


Fathom – Easy analytics

Embed Notion

Elfsight – widget library

Ecwid – shop widget

Startup bundle for Carrd plugins

Video button

Floating button welcome video

Testimonial slider

Animated buttons

Responsive mobile navbar

Listings with filters & search

Testimonial tweets

Blur menu

Visibility control

Buy me a Coffee

MadeBy badge

Marquee text

Dark Mode

Dark Mode





Typewriter text

Typewriter text

Randomizer plugin

Feather blogs

Carrd services

Carrd expert services aimed at helping you build

Custom Carrd site

Landing page cloning

Website audit

UX audit

NoCode Helpline

Landing page build

Custom development

Carrd tutorials

Learn new tricks and techniques from Carrd experts

Quick Start Guide

SEO Basics

Visual extras

Xperian course

Carrd Tutorials

Tips & Tricks blog

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